What to Sell for Extra Money

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Do you want to take a family vacation to Europe this summer? Maybe you want to trade in your Honda for a Porsche. However, disposable income may not allow for you to fulfill your every desire. Fortunately, there are some possessions you can sell that can get you a large chunk of change.

If you think that beat up old car that does not run is not worth any money, think again. A lot of people enjoy fixing up cars as a hobby. Some even believe that the worse the condition of the car the better because they enjoy a challenge. Start by posting your car and its condition on Ebay or Craig’s List and see what kind of response you get.

Although it is not recommended that you start a puppy breeding business, if your dog happens to get pregnant and has a decent pedigree, you can sell her puppies for a lot of money. Even if the puppies wind up being mixed breed, most people do not mind paying a decent amount of money for a new pet.

Do you have three flat screens even though the only time you ever watch television shows is on your laptop? Broke college students across the country would love to take one of those off of your hands for you. In addition to Ebay and Craig’s list, try searching your local college’s buy/sell Facebook page for takers.

You could increase your disposable income drastically if you own mineral rights. However, selling mineral rights is a complicated process. Most people do not have connections to a multitude of serious buyers willing to compete for mineral rights. The best course of action to sell them is through mineral rights brokers. This will ensure that you will get the most money possible out of your property.

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