Complications of Bone Fracture

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Broken bone or bone fracture refers of a break or a crack in a bone. This happens whenever a force that is stronger than the bone can withstand is exerted against it. While the most common sites for bone fractures are the hips, arms and legs, there are also cases wherein fractures occur to the skull and ribs (fractures to these parts can present life-threatening injuries).

Besides pain, swelling, bruising, deformity and inability to use the limb, bone fractures can also cause other complications, including blood loss, stunted growth of the bone, and injuries to organs, tissues and other structures surrounding the injured bone.

The most common causes of bone fracture are traumatic sporting accidents, falls and vehicle accidents. Osteoporosis and certain types of cancer which cause the bones to fracture more easily present risks, such as making even a fall accident end up with serious results. While some bone fractures will only require a plaster cast or the surgical insertion of plates or metal rods which will hold the bone pieces together, complicated fractures usually require surgery and surgical traction.

Among the many types of motor vehicles, bone fractures are most common among motorcycle riders. This is due to the lack of body protection except the helmet (the helmet should comply with government standards to ensure enough cushion to the head in case of certain types of accidents).

The risk to accidents and injuries motorcycle riders are exposed to is often due to drivers of passenger vehicles failure to deny motorcyclists their right of way. Most often too, drivers never check for possible approaching motorcycles before making a turn, before backing up in parking lots or before opening their car door.

According to the Spiros Law Firm, though broken bones may be reset and scarred tissue may be corrected, these injuries may cause long-term issues with mobility and chronic pain that will necessitate continued medical treatment. Often, those injured and their families become subjected to financial difficulties due to the cost of medical treatment associated with the injury. Taking legal action against those who are fault in the accident that caused the bone fracture, in order to recover compensation for any past and future expenses resulting from the accident, may just help victims get the necessary medical treatment and care needed to help them recover faster.

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