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Choosing a Garage Door

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Whether moving in to a new home or having home renovations, many people believe picking the right garage door is one of the most important things, since garage doors seem to have become the focal point of each home. In order to pick the right type of garage door, you have to first understand that garage doors come in various materials. These differences have their own advantages and disadvantages, so knowing what they are will help you pick the right one perfect for your home.

Wood – wood has an old-world and classic appeal: the first garage doors were made with wood. People who prefer to go with a traditional feel, wood would be a good choice, and presently they have a number of styles. One advantage of wood is that they have lost-cost options, and it is a better insulator than steel. However, wood garage doors may require more maintenance and to be refinished regularly to prevent it from being damaged.
Wood Composite – made up of recycled wood fibers, wood composite are sturdier than wood against rot and splitting. They are also offer the durability of steel garage doors with the appearance and feel of wood, allowing owners the options of either painting or staining it.
Steel – reasonably priced, strong, and low-maintenance, steel garage doors are the most common and popular ones. Steel garage doors provide a number of styles, and can be painted. Two things must be considered if you choose to have steel garage doors: first, they are poor insulators, therefore it would be better to have them insulated (it helps save energy bills and could reduce noise) and second, steel panels differ in thickness, and top quality steel garage doors have at least 24-gauge (the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel).
Fiberglass – although not as popular, fiberglass garage doors are more resistant to salt-water erosion, making them a better option for coastal-located homes. They are very light, and can withstand dents more than thin steel. They are, however, a poor insulator and can be weathered from long exposure.
Aluminum – lighter than steel and is less expensive, aluminum garage doors present imitation wood texture and longer-lasting finishes, although they are prone to dents.

Picking your garage door does not only mean choosing the right material: you also have to consider the styles, finishes, and color. Consider other factors as well, such as the location of your home, the weather, pets, and such. Know what you want and how much you can afford to have a clearer mind on what to choose.

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