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Hair Gloss Treatments

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It seems everyone wants to have the Hollywood-style hair: flow-y, full, and with shine. When people want to have such great looking hair, they would go to the salon to ask their hair stylist a hair gloss treatment, but what is it, really? And what can it do to your hair? Is it really better than having a regular hair dye job? A lot of people are raving about hair gloss treatment being better than a regular dye job. To help understand if it is a better alternative, let’s see what it can do to your hair:

  • Regular hair color tends to be harsher and more permanent than hair gloss treatments. Because of the gloss’ acidity, it helps in closing the hair and cuticles, giving a smoother surface that reflects more light. It can also give the hair a much softer texture to it. On the other side, regular hair dyes have ammonia which can cause the hair follicles to open which eventually damages the hair.
  • Hair gloss treatments help in restoring hair damaged by the sun and chlorinated pools. The treatment helps to deep condition your damaged hair to return the balance of the strands.
  • Hair gloss treatments do not change your hair color: you can keep your natural hair color if you want. There is an option of using clear gloss which gives hair a deep conditioning effect, an essential part in keeping your hair healthy and shiny. With hair gloss treatment you also have the advantage of toning down highlights that has become too brassy, giving hair a toned effect that is shiny and frizz-free.

You can do your hair gloss treatment at home, and they are easy to maintain as well. Local drugstores sell these at-home gloss treatments, although it would be better to go to the salon if you wish to have colored glosses. Also, choosing sulfate-free hair products is all you need to maintain gloss-treated hair.

The best thing about hair gloss treatments is its non-committal nature: it will eventually fade on its own in about six weeks. It is not strong enough to damage hair so you can go ahead and ask for other chemical-assisted hair changes you would prefer in the future. Using hair gloss treatment, whether at the salon or at home, can be a great way to get healthier-looking, shinier hair.

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