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Costs Associated with Hurricane Damage

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Child Custody, Hurricane Damage Claims | 0 comments

A recent rash of hurricanes that have swept various parts of the US has forcibly brought home the costs associated with hurricane damage. Aside from damage to residences, disruption or even closure of businesses in the wake of a hurricane involves far more than mere property damage.

This is why commercial property and business owners in hurricane-prone areas pay the extra premium to have windstorm and water damage insurance. If and when the time comes, legitimate hurricane claims can help property and business owners survive the costs associated with hurricane damage and make a recover. However, insurance companies are notorious for unreasonable delays in processing payments, especially when it comes to hurricane claims. This is because most insurance companies operating out of a certain area are sure to be deluged with multiple claims immediately after a hurricane hits, and any delay in payouts means more savings.

It is understandable why claims processing would be slow under those circumstances, but it should not be unreasonably so. Every day of delay means a loss of income, and this impacts business and property owners in more ways than one. For example, if a business owner’s claim is delayed unreasonably and finds it impossible to keep the business going, it may mean outright closure. This loss of income may have serious consequences in cases where child custody criteria have to be met, such as a stable financial state of the petitioning parent.

The costs associated with hurricane damage are extensive enough without it being exacerbated by delays in claims processing and insurance payouts. If you are a business or property owner who is experiencing an unreasonable delay in hurricane claims processing, contact a hurricane claims attorney and get immediate action. Time is of the essence when it comes to recovering from hurricane damages.

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