A Dangerous House: The American Nightmare

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Are you thinking of purchasing a house? It is, after all, considered the American dream for quite a lot of people in this generation. What with debts and financial instabilities rampant all around, it can be a great feat in itself to be able to purchase a house – and that is why it is the utmost importance that the house you purchase is in accordance to its money’s worth.

In California, a seller is legally required to present a prospective client with a natural hazard disclosure (NHD) report. These documents, though are publicly available through certain agencies or mediums, must be obtained only through legitimate sources. To expand on this, the innovation of technology has allowed for there to be forgeries of every kind – and NHD reports are not exempt from this possibility. Most sellers will not wish to provide you with false information, for fear of the liability that comes with being proven handing out falsities, but it is just as possible for a buyer to be unwittingly not provided with everything that he or she needs to know about the house in question.

When buying a house, the buyer is recommended to practice his or her own investigations about the matter at hand. This can be taken in seemingly small measures, such as by talking to other people who already live in the neighborhood. Some precautions that can also be taken such as taking the liberty of finding out about the nearest facilities necessary such as grocery stores, hospitals, schools, and such. About the house and environment itself, the NHD report you must receive must detail all hazards – all of which are necessary knowledge for you if you have the intention of buying a house.

Natural hazards include the proximity of forest fires – or fires in general – and if they occur near the home, for example. Floods and earthquakes are also hazards, and so are invisible toxins such as asbestos or the previous work of the house’s last tenants (say if the house used to produce illegal narcotics or hallucinogens that could grossly affect the health of people who are unwittingly exposed to it for a prolonged period of time). In circumstances like this, it truly is quite better to be safe than sorry.

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